Wedding planner in Venice

Get married in the most romantic Italian city, make a dream come true!

Ask your wedding planner in Venice advice, and you’ll see how many themes and solution you will have to assess.

The proximity to the Frankish Empire, the privileged relationship with the Byzantine East and at the same time the distance from Constantinople, made Venice one of the main ports of exchange between the West and the East.
In the eighteenth century, Venice was among the most refined cities in Europe, with a strong influence on art, architecture, and literature of the time.

Choosing to get married in Venice is definitely a very romantic way to celebrate your love and entrusting a wedding to a wedding planner in Venice will certainly benefit from the logistical criticalities related to the management of the ceremony and the reception of guests.

Among the best locations for weddings, in Venice we find the historic houses, now spearheads of the City of Venice. The Venetian palaces dominate between small squares and foundations, enriching the shores of the lagoon that at night and during the day become scenery for dream moments.

From the lagoon of Venice to the lakes, through the great Venetian plain to the Alps, the wonderful Venetian Villas extend, with their parks or inland lakes, swimming pools and dedicated areas, hosting important events today.

Discover with your wedding planner in Venice what are the villas in Veneto where you can celebrate your wedding. Getting married in these sumptuous rooms close to Venice will make your moment unforgettable.

Your wedding planner in Venice will know how to enhance every aspect connected to the aesthetic choices, selected together with the couple a theme appropriate to the place of the event.
The goal will be simplicity, elegance, culture, and well-being. But above all, turning a dream into reality.

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